03:07 ---- 2.5MB

viral symphony
andrew deutsch and i developed this track from the raw data file that joseph nechvatal and stephane sikora made. we brought in some of our own sounds and did various processing to the raw data file. here is a one minute excerpt.
01:00 ---- 1.2MB

optosonic tea stephen vitiello and andrew deutsch
stephen incorporated some of my sounds into this performance at
diapason gallery. here is a short excerpt.
01:20 ---- 1.3MB

(live unedited excerpts)

02.2006 two television monitors, a custom made video on dvd, doepfer analog synthesizer, mic and speakers. i began by trying to compose a video, being mindful of what the video signal would sound like. the video waveform monitor gave me a rough idea of this. mostly i ring-modulated the signal, which resulted in areas of canceled out color. this signal was sent to a television monitor, resulting in unstable flickering images. thus the sound affected the image while the sound originated from the video. in addition, the television monitor itself gave off a signal (through the air?) that affected the sound within the synthesizer. so if i turned the monitor off, it would drastically alter the sound. this created a kind of feedback, crossing both audio and video (see video one). these sounds were recorded within the studio space.
00:25 ---- 0.78MB
00:42 ---- 1.8MB

01.2006 i accidentally plugged the wrong voltage ac adapter into a pair of desktop speakers. after unplugging it i noticed that the red power light remained on. this gave me the idea to find out if it was giving out any sound, so i plugged it into my mini disc recorder. this is the sound it picked up. i was also playing with the optical input of the recorder. much of it sounds like feedback.
these are recordings made without a mic, just using the direct line in of the mini disc. this reminds me of how astonished i was when i first saw video feedback devoid of any monitors or cameras (made by directly patching it).
02:24 ---- 6.1MB
02:46 ---- 7.0MB
00:34 ---- 1.5MB

01.2006 two mini disc recorders, two microphones, a small microphone amplifier, and desktop speakers. these are made both with line in and with a microphone.
01:10 ---- 3.0MB
05:54 ---- 29.9MB
01:27 ---- 7.4MB

02.2006 circuitbending by touching the exposed circuit board of a tape cassette player. run through the synthesizer, live.
01:14 ---- 3.1MB
02:24 ---- 6.1MB
00:42 ---- 1.3MB
02:27 ---- 10.2MB

03.23.06 three imagewriter ii printers, live stereo recording run through grm tools within deck. not live, processed but not cut up or edited.
02:48 ---- 2.6MB

computer into analog synthesizer
(live unedited excerpts)

02.2005 audio files made in SoundEffects 0.9.1 using sample hose, a granular synthesis with pitch shift and random parameters) i gave it pure enveloped tones to process. i looped these sounds and ran them through the synthesizer.
00:34 ---- 1.4MB
00:38 ---- 1.6MB
02:04 ---- 5.2MB

10.13.2005 looping computer files, drum machine (rhythm factory 0.9), synthesizer, eq, and much speaker feedback. these are loud.
02:18 ---- 5.8MB
02:20 ---- 11.8MB
00:38 ---- 1.6MB
02:55 ---- 14.8MB
an hour later
00:57 ---- 4.8MB
06:28 ---- 32.6MB
00:52 ---- 4.4MB


02.2005 made using cloud generator (curtis rhodes software), this is mixed.
02:40 ---- 6.7MB